May 20 at 14:00
Folkhuset Absalon: Sønder Blvd 73

Bach & Ballet

Jon Axel Fransson.jpg

Chamber music with a twist - one solo instrument and two dancers join together in a new sort of trio ensemble.

from the Royal Danish Ballet
Jón Axel Fransson
Susanne Grinder
Marina Minoiu
Samuel Scott Rees

Jean-Hee Lee violin
Victor Sørensen viola
Livio Russi clarinet

May 21 at 19:00
Metronomen: Godthåbsvej 33

Brahms & Beer

Emma Steele.jpg

Enjoy a beer (or two) while you listen to Brahms's beloved clarinet trio as well as sonatas for violin and clarinet.

Emma Steele violin
Joel Laakso cello
Livio Russi clarinet
Galya Kolarova piano

May 22 at 15:00
Rigshospitalet: Blegdamsvej 9

Classical Clarinet

Livio Russi.jpg

Clarinet quartets and more from the early 1800s by some lesser-known (but fantastic!) composers.

Livio Russi clarinet
Jean-Hee Lee violin
Emma Steele viola
Joel Laakso cello